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          Vampires have appeared in the music industry for many decades. Some songs are dedicated entirely to telling a vampire story, while others use vampire imagery and language subtly to make a point in a song that is not actually about vampires, and others still use vampires and vampire traits as metaphors. This site will highlight some common aspects of the ways that vampires are used in the music industry.

          One example is the goth rock genre which contains many songs that reference the vampire narrative and utilize the darker aspects of vampire lore for shock and horror. This genre has been heavily influenced by early monster films including the original vampire horror movies Nosferatu (1922) and Dracula (1931).

          The seductive element of vampires is also commonly used in music and there are several love songs that involve vampires. These songs which invoke the seductive power of the vampire, are heavily influenced by the works of Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, and other contemporary writers.


          There are also songs that use vampires as a metaphor for current world problems. In these songs, vampire imagery is used to paint a dark picture that highlights contemporary issues that reflect the time period that the song was written. 

          There has also been a recent wave of songs about vampires that have come out as the vampire had become increasingly popular in pop culture in America. These are typically written with the specific purpose of being used in a vampire movie, the most notable example being the Twilight series.

          There is a lot of possible overlap between the categories I have chosen and the songs. Music can be very dynamic and as such, it is difficult place each song into just one category. For example, a song can have both dark and seductive elements, but for the purposes of this project I have chosen one aspect that I wish to highlight and categorized the piece accordingly. 

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