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The Music Industry Uses Vampires to Make Money

          In the early 2000-10s, there was a large cultural resurgence of vampires in media. Shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries as well as the Twilight movie saga led to an increase in the popularity of vampires in mainstream media. They also brought about an era of highly romanticized 'good' vampires. With the popularity of these franchises also came an increase in demand for music to go along with them. After all, each of the Twilight movies needed its own soundtrack. Many bands were asked to participate and write songs to go on these soundtracks.  

          One such band was My Chemical Romance. At this point, My Chemical Romance had already written and produced  several songs about or referencing vampires. As a group whose music was already entrenched vampire and monster content they were not interested in being involved with this new type of vampire and declined to contribute to any of the soundtracks. 

          Not only did they not participate in this new wave of vampire song, they seemed to be offended by the idea that bands would right these types of songs purely to be used in the movies. To the band it seemed like a shameless cash grab to jump of the vampire bandwagon for the Twilight series. So in response to this they did end up writing a vampire themed song referencing the series.

         This song "Vampire Money" references the influx of songs about vampires caused by the bands wanting to make money off of the popularity of vampire movies. It heavily references Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. With lyrics like, “Sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun” the song very obviously references the saga as the vampire narrative had not included  the ability to ‘sparkle’ in sunlight until Stephanie Meyer's books. “Play it right and drive a Volvo car” is another reference to the movie and specifically the car that the vampires in Twilight drive.

          While it does refernce some of the new traits that vampires gained from the recent movies, this song deals more with the cultural resurgence of the vampire in media and how that has affected the music industry rather than the lore itself. At this time bands were specifically writing songs about vampires in the hopes of having them as part of the movie soundtrack.

The popularity of these movies meant that getting a song in the soundtrack was very lucrative and gave bands much exposure to jumpstart or revive music careers, as refenced in the lyric “Gimme some of that vampire money”.

          Paramore’s “Decode” (2008) is an example of one of the songs created specifically for use in a vampire movie, Twilight (2008). The lyrics themselves are a more subtle reference to the vampire narrative than previous songs discussed.

“My thoughts you can’t decode” is a refence to a specific vampiric ability of one of the series' main vampire characters, telepathy. “What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all, well, I will figure this one out” references Bella’s suspicions that the Cullen family is not quite human.

          There are several scenes actually taken from the movie and used in the music video. These scenes are strategically placed to coincide with particular lyrics that reference the movies version of the vampire narrative (e.g., “my thoughts you can’t decode” referencing Edward’s telepathic abilities).The background of the music video also speaks to the vampire narrative, with its dark scenery and isolated forest location.

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